Structural transformation in fresh food market

Asia, but also Africa are undergoing rapid structural change within the fresh food industry. In many of those countries the traditional sourcing of vegetables and fruits transforms from wet to super- and hypermarkets. The introduction of good agricultural practices (GAP) is a method to introduce mainly food safety, supply chain governance, natural resources use, workers health, and new market opportunities. It is a management system that requires proper practice and documentation of farming throughout all stages.

It can be also added by the definition of input (seeds, fertilizer) and cultural practices that refer to pest management and post-harvest procedures. Finally food should assure quality and safety standards. The wet market in emerging countries can mostly not comply with these two major requirements. Furthermore population grows worldwide, resources are getting rare, food production needs to improve in quality and quantity. This process requires transparency and qualification which goes along which each other. The farmer needs to learn new practices on planting and entrepreneurial management, at the same time the market is obliged assuring risk management towards consumer. This is the challenge for the next decade which we trace and support and various ways depending on the particular market conditions.