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April 2015: PaFISFA farmer wins award

I am Eladio Panganiban, a member of OurFood in Patag Farmers Integrated Social Forestry Association (PAFISFA). I am  so happy to received this award of having an Outstanding Farm Family in the whole province of negros occidental.

Implementation of GAP and following the GAP standard were a great help in achieving this reward.

Traceability contributed to my success. I find it necessary because it help me to keep track of my tasks, the things I did, all the activities, name of the crops, variety, date planted, and the cost I incurred in my farming.

Through the support of LGU’s, by providing me the materials I need and for the mud press they gave me…
For the technical support and trainings provided by the Provincial Government…
Made me reach my goal and attained this success.

CW 51, 2014

The farmers are preparing for Christmas.

CW 50, 2014

The typhoon RUBY did not directly affect the area like QUEENIE. The crops were fine and were not damaged again just like queenie. The farmers were very grateful for it.

CW 49, 2014

The area is affected by the wind of the Typhoon Queenie. Aa a result plants grew poorly, the leaves turned into darker instead of green.The Cucumber, Tomatoes, Brocolli and Pepper outside the rainshelter were affected by the strong wind. Newly transplanted crops were also affected. Almost 60% of the crops were severly damaged.

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