After two years of piloting the WeTrace traceability framework for tropical fruits in the Tây Ninh Province in Vietnam, on 29 May 2019, the President of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) – Mr. Vo Duc Trong – and the CEO of KIAG – Dr. Harald Puhl – signed an agreement on expanding the implementation of fruit traceability. Based on the agreement, KIAG will continue to support Tây Ninh DARD from 2020 to 2022 to run the traceability system. The project foresees a continued scaling of the efforts in order to make traceability available to all producers in the Province. Tây Ninh is among the pioneers in Vietnam to embrace “clean” and sustainable production practices and WeTrace is seen as a useful tool to facilitate the transition from conventional to improved practices.

Following this initial agreement, the official contract between Tay Ninh Department of Agriculture & Rural Development and KIAG was signed on 20 July 2020. To promote traceability in Tay Ninh with fruit farmers all across the province, the WeTrace software framework will be utilized to provide regular and specific data on farm activities, inputs utilized and up-to-date harvest information. The data collected in the field are used in two important ways:

(1) WeTrace allows purchasers, traders, processors, retailers, and exporters to utilize traceability, farm-level information and up-to-date harvest data to their benefit. An online market-platform has been developed and is available here

(2) On the other hand, a QR-Code based farm- and batch-specific traceability interface allows buyers and consumers to learn about the origin, production practices and quality of the fruits they consume. An example interface can be retrieved here

With the support of the Division of Plantation & Plant Protection and Agriculture Encouragement Office, we expect to bring digital traceability to more than 200,000 hectares under fruit production working with hundreds of small-scale producers.

However, this is only the beginning.  To join please get in touch with us at

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