Les Vergers Du Mekong (LVDM), a fruit processing company operating in Vietnam and working with small-scale growers in the Mekong Delta since 2000, has been working with the WeTrace traceability solution since 2018.

Due to its exporting activities to the European Union, LVDM has a strong interest in the transparency of the fruit supply chain and seeks to gain full insight into farming practices adopted by its suppliers, with a focus on adequate input usage. Full tracking of the crop cycle – from planting to the final harvest – provides critical information, e.g. on input application practices. It also offers an effective tool for trouble shooting, decision making and the focus of qualification programs at company level.

The farmers involved in the traceability system benefit from improved knowledge about sustainable farming, higher awareness of suboptimal practices and a secure market access which awards them for higher qualities and the renouncing of banned agricultural inputs. Farmers consider the software a valuable tool for farm documentation and LVDM being its distributor gives the company a unique selling point when engaging producers in the region.

“As French owned SME based in Vietnam since 2000, we export high-quality juices and jams from Vietnam to the best hotels in South East Asia, Middle East and Fruit Purees to European market. We benefit tremendously from having full insight into the realities on the ground and farm practices adopted by the high-value fruit producers we work with. KIPUS not only allows us to trace and monitor the entire production cycle and to communicate these details to our buyers, but we are also automatically notified if suboptimal practices threaten our sustainability claims, thus preventing economic damage to producers and the company before it even arises.”

Jean-Luc Voisin – Les Vergers du Mekong