Reaping the full benefits of business intelligence along agricultural supply chains

Based on the experience which comes with providing BI solutions over many years based on products like OBIEE, SAP BW or BI Cognos, we have implanted BI now also as a core component into our in-house WeTrace system. WeTrace-based traceability and data collection systems along agricultural value chains can now be analysed in state-of-the-art business intelligence software.

A direct connection of Microsoft’s PowerBI application to the WeTrace database allows us to analyse and visualize data in real-time and in a dynamic way showing the various interactions of data. Not only do we look at data through different glasses, but our customers become the champions of their own data, undertaking data analysis in an easy way based on their own ideas and preferences.

Data external to the WeTrace framework can be integrated in a data lake approach, enabling the customer to bring together data from different fields to gain integrated insights. We have recently also built PowerBI Dashboards which analyse crop product availability and fertilizer usage for selected farming communities in Vietnam.

The animation shown here highlights a dashboard showing production of different crops for selected farms.