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Iliranan Tribal Council (ITC)

Sitio Iliranan, Brgy. Codcod, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

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About us

The Iliranan Tribal Council (ITC) members were located around the foot of Mount Kanlaon, from Canlaon City of Negros Oriental, Bago City, Town Murcia, and San Carlos City, all of Negros Occidental. The Tribal was organized last 1997 through the help of Multi- Sectoral Alliance for Development (MUAD-Negros) who hired an Ethnographic Expert from UP Los Banos to determine the status claim of the Indigenous group or the area. After four months of study and research, the group found out that they are ligitimate indigenous people living in at sitio Iliranan and other places within the foot of Mount Kanlaon. The Tribal was already accredited with the National Commission on Indigenous People in Metro Manila.  . Today, the main source of income of the members is farming unlike before, when almost everybody was engaged in illegal poaching and gathering of orchids and other natural resources found inside the park. Vegetable Farming using Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Farming help a lot to the members to slowly recover and renew the fertility of the soil they tilled for so long.