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Fresh Food/Agriculture: feed all fresh & safe

Nearly 9 billion mouths will be fed by 2050, the ratio of arable land to population will decline by 40-55%, and 3.9 billion people will live under severe water stress by 2030.

Textile & Apparel: dress women and men socially and environmentally clean

In many developing countries the textile and apparel industry is the first stage into modernization. Cheap and less skilled labor force produces mostly for the export. Globally 9% of manufacturing goods in trade belong to this sector.

Fashion Accessories: style girls and boys socially and environmentally clean

As beautiful as the accessories are in the end - they need to be produced in a way which does not impact the environment. Precious metals too often mean precious impact.

Manufacturing: add value to pure handmade products

Certain valuable products can still be done only by hand, a craft which goes missing and contains producers, who might not match international standards. For those we need to adjust in order to balance their reality with our requirements.

Finance Services: give sustainable access to capital

European Development Finance Institutes provide capital by considering sustainable requirements to benefit all